Cannot get gimp app running

David Rowe drowe at
Sat Nov 1 18:27:35 PDT 2014

On 01/11/2014 23:45, Eric A. Borisch wrote:
> Are you able to open something that uses a plugin, like a png? My gimp 
> starts up, but none of the plugins (required for most file types) are 
> working.
I have had a quick explore and I am finding the same as you - so I take 
back what I said about MacPorts Gimp working OK.

My copy of MacPorts Gimp only seems to be able to open .xcf files - 
which I think is is Gimp's native file format

Gimp Preferences/Folders/Plug-ins says that the Plug-in folders are:

/Users/*whoeveryouare*/Library/Application Support/GIMP/2.8/plug-ins

The first of these is presumably for the individual user's plug-ins and 
in my installation it is empty.

The second of these is part of the Gimp bundle so I guess it is 
read-only for users. Somehow it is actually aliased to: 
'/opt/local/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/' which is the place you would expect 
the machinery to be. If I list the files in this folder, it includes:

file-aa      file-bmp    file-cel            file-compressor      
file-csource file-desktop-link   file-dicom  file-faxg3 file-fits   
file-gbr    file-gif-load   file-gif-save   file-gih    file-glob 
file-header  file-html-table  file-ico   file-jp2-load file-jpeg    
file-mng   file-pat      file-pcx     file-pdf-load 
file-pdf-save    file-pix    file-png     file-pnm     file-ps      
file-psd-save    file-psp   file-raw   file-sgi  file-sunras file-svg 
file-tga  file-tiff-load  file-tiff-save  file-uri file-wmf     file-xbm
file-xjt     file-xmc    file-xpm    file-xwd

So it looks like the plug-ins are there but they are not loaded/initialised.

UPDATE - Gregory Seidman's message has just come through - this is a 
known problem - there is already a ticket:

In the past, I have tended to prefer the packaged version of Gimp you 
can download from

I was playing with the MacPorts version to see how it compared with the 
packaged version - but for the moment, I would stick with the packaged 
version but keep an eye on the progress of the ticket


David Rowe

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