smartd automated scanning failing

Ubence Quevedo thatrat at
Thu Nov 27 07:04:03 PST 2014

Hi All,

I'm not sure that this is the right place to post this, but it seems that
smartmontools that I have installed through port isn't scanning drive when
I have the appropriate configuration file at /opt/local/etc/smartd.conf

Here's the relevant line to run a short scan at 5AM every morning and then
a long scan at 6AM:
/dev/disk0 -H -l error -l selftest -f -s (S/../.././05|L/../.././06) -m
xxxxxxx at

I took a look at the console, and saw the following lines when the scanning
was supposed to occur:
Nov 25 05:22:24 Ubences-Intel-iMac.local smartd[152]: Authorization, server
not available
Nov 25 05:22:24 Ubences-Intel-iMac.local smartd[152]: Device: /dev/disk0,
execute Short Self-Test failed.
Nov 25 06:22:25 Ubences-Intel-iMac.local smartd[152]: Device: /dev/disk0,
execute Long Self-Test failed.

What stands out to me is the first line "Authorization, server not

I've tried looking for info on this particular output, but I can't find
anything to trace back to how this is occurring?

I think this might not have been working since Mavericks.  It used to work
perfectly in Lion and Mountain Lion.

I'm running the latest version of smartmontools that MacPorts has available

Has anyone else run into this error...?

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