Yosemite, XCode 6.1?

Julien Salort lists at juliensalort.org
Sun Oct 19 10:19:51 PDT 2014

Gregory Shenaut <gkshenaut at ucdavis.edu> wrote:

> However, I'm also seeing this unusual (to me) message: "Warning: All
> compilers are either blacklisted or unavailable; defaulting to first
> fallback option".
> And I note that in the cmake log, it appears to require the
> MacOSX10.10.sdk, which is a component of XCOde 6.1.

I had the same message.
Although I already had XCode 6.0.1 from the Mac App Store, from which I
had already chosen to install CLI tools, I tried "xcode-select
--install" anyway, as MacPorts suggested to me.

It triggered some OS X software install window, and then it started
compiling fine, without error message so far. I don't know about cmake.
It is currently compiling atlas...


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