Yosemite, XCode 6.1?

Ned Deily nad at acm.org
Sun Oct 19 14:05:00 PDT 2014

In article <05649A1B-10B7-442E-8944-687575F334E2 at mac.com>,
 "William H. Magill" <magill at mac.com> wrote:
> The truly annoying thing is that 6.0.1 was released along with 10.10 -- and a 
> comment 
> that it "supported" 10.10.
> Where the definition of "supported" means -- will run under 10.10; but does 
> provide 10.10 tools!

6.0.1 was released in mid-September, long before 10.10 was released.  It 
works just fine on 10.10, except for the lack of a 10.10 SDK which, most 
of the time, you don't really need anyway if you have installed the 
Command Line tools and headers.  Unfortunately, the build processes for 
some ports really do depend on using an SDK and/or xcodebuild, which is 
why MacPorts requires that you install both Xcode and the Command Line 
Tools.  Back in the day before the CLTs were broken out as a convenient 
separate item, it really didn't matter as you always had to install 
Xcode.  These days it would be nice if all ports could be built with 
just the CLT.  But that's not the job of the MacPorts folks to do, 
that's an upstream issue for each project.

In any case, in 24 hours this should all be a moot point as the expected 
official release of Xcode 6.1 will have both an 10.10 and 10.9 SDK and 
6.0.1 will become obsolete.

 Ned Deily,
 nad at acm.org

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