Problem with $DISPLAY

Dave Horsfall dave at
Sun Oct 19 23:25:18 PDT 2014

On Fri, 17 Oct 2014, Gregory Shenaut wrote:

> touch "Ⓐ Ⓑ Ⓒ" ; touch "ⓐ ⓑ ⓒ"
> you get two files (or at least I did).

Same here (Mavericks).  Oh, and on my FreeBSD server too, as I'd expect.

> When I first moved to Mac OS/X from Unix, I tried installing part of the 
> system on UFS. It claimed to support it in the documentation, after all. 
> What a mess. Many applications at every level were randomly specifying 
> upper or lower cases in file paths and everything became hopelessly 
> garbled. That experience forever cured me of trying to get case 
> sensitivity on Macs.

Hmmm...  That just cured me too.  I'll just have to be consistent e.g. use 
"Makefile" as it was thus intended to be.

Now, if only I could figure out what is sorting the files in the output of 
"ls -f".  I even wrote a program that read the directory entries itself 
(opendir()/readdir() etc), and they're still sorted, so it must be the 
kernel doing it somewhere.

So, if my understanding is correct, case is preserved but ignored on name 
comparison, probably somewhere in namei(), correct?

This is evil.

As I think I said before, "ls -f" is a damned useful forensic tool, along 
with "ls -ltc", "ls -ltu", "ls -ltU", etc.  I may not have been able to 
nail the perp (but I did come uncomfortably close to naming the boss once, 
when he accidentally blew away part of our custom sources; I was told in 
no uncertain terms to back off) but I did know how and when he did it.

Oh, and this is really annoying:

davehorsmacbook% hexdump -C .
hexdump: .: Is a directory

FreeBSD (upon which OSX is loosely based) gets it right.  Yes, sometimes I 
want to see the exact contents of a directory; it's my forensic background 

Dave Horsfall (VK2KFU) (and check the home page)

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