two active versions of gcc

levi silvers silversster at
Mon Jun 22 10:17:50 PDT 2015

I recently noticed that port installed gcc* shows: 

The following ports are currently installed:
  gcc47 @4.7.4_3
  gcc47 @4.7.4_5 (active)
  gcc49 @4.9.2_1
  gcc49 @4.9.2_2 (active)
  gcc_select @0.1_8 (active)

Is it normal to have two versions of gcc active?  I suspect this is causing a problem with a program which depends on gcc.  

Using port deactivate gcc47 @4.7.4_5 doesn’t work because of complex dependencies. 

Can I specify which version I would like macports to use?  

Thank you in advance, 

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