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There is no relation between OpenMPI (i.e. the port openmpi you mention)
and OpenMP (which is a way of doing multithreading). Unfortunately similar
acronyms, but that's the only connection.


On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 9:11 PM, Jan Steinman <jan at> wrote:

> I have built pdf2djvu with MacPorts, but in trying to use it with multiple
> processors, (option "-j0", meaning automagically use as many processors as
> are available), I get the following message:
>         Warning: pdf2djvu was built without OpenMP support;
> multi-threading is disabled.
> "port variants pdf2djvu" does not show any way to link in multiprocessor
> support, even though I have built openmpi via "port install openmpi".
> Any ideas how I can enable multiprocessing with pdf2djvu and thus make the
> "-j" option useful?
> Thanks!
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