MacPorts Meeting (preliminary questionnaire)

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Fri Oct 2 03:31:57 PDT 2015


(and sorry for top-posting; if you missed the inital mail, start reading below)

Here's a short follow-up about the potential brainstorming meeting.
Based on the questionnaire it seems that early March with a 4 nights
stay would be the most suitable for the majority.

I was thinking about placing the meeting to Gozd Martuljek, close to a
ski resort. For that area the suitable time windows outside of public
holidays and ski or ski jumping world cups (and thus with lower
prices) are as follows:
- 28.2.2016 - 3.3.2016
- 6.3.2016 - 16.3.2016

The cheaper option would be this hotel Rute:

A nearby hotel Špik is slightly more expensive, with a swimming pool
and offering different types/prices of rooms:
but we would have to pay extra to use a "proffessional" conference
room. I still need to figure out how much that would be.

The third option would be Planica:
(you can switch the language and then reload the same URL in case you
don't get the English page)

Anyone *really* interested in watching proffessional sports could
extend the stay and visit the world cup in Planica
( or Vitranc
( The others could simply
go walking, swimming or skiing, either for a shorter period during the
meeting or before/after that.

If we go for the cheaper option(s), the meeting should cost *well*
below 200 EUR in total.

The destination is reachable with a train (Villach (AT) or Jesenice
(SI)) + a 30 minutes drive by car that we could probably arrange for
everyone. The closest airports are Klagenfurt (AT) and Brnik (SI).


One PortMgr member confirmed the attendance and I'm expecting a few
more senior developers to join, but based on the initial feedback from
13 people (a couple more answered months back when I asked) we might
end up with a relatively small number of participants. I would hope
for something like 16, but let's try even if only a handful of us show
up at the end and then grow with years. I will be away for 2-3 weeks.
After that I will take Aljaz with me to Gozd Martuljek and Planica,
check these locations (or maybe others just in case) and decide for

In the meantime we could set up a wiki page collecting both ideas for
the programme as well as other details.



On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 12:02 PM, Mojca Miklavec <mojca at> wrote:
> Dear MacPorts developers and users,
> For those who find the email too long: just fill in this form:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> For everyone else:
> Me and Aljaž (g5pw) would be willing to organize a MacPorts
> (developer) meeting in Europe with the intention of:
> - brainstorming and exchanging ideas about the project
> - defining the agenda and priorities for future development of MacPorts
> - having day-long ticket-closing sessions
> - enjoying some longer group hacking sessions that would let us
> realize some long-standing items on the wishlist (finish parts of the
> website, statistics, ...)
> - meeting fellow users and developers and having fun together
> We would welcome anyone who:
> - maintains or would like to maintain a port
> - wants to get some core functionality implemented or knows how to implement it
> - would like to help us shape the future of MacPorts
> - wants to help us implement tiny "sugars" (better website, wiki
> pages, documentation, more functionality, ...)
> - has some artistic tallent
> - just wants to enjoy in the company of great people ;)
> Here is a preliminary questionnaire. Anyone that is remotely
> interested in joining the meeting is kindly invited to answer a few
> questions:
> Additional questions can go to the developer mailing list or to me personally.
> Mojca

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