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> Maybe. Seems like I'm just not getting what is technically causing these
> problems. When libraries change, and it breaks a particular application,
> why can't I recompile just that? And why would the build of a newly
> installed port fail, just because there are other ports installed that were
> compiled against older system libraries?

Dependencies. Port X compiles against new libSystem, depends on port Y that
was linked against old libSystem, link fails because it tries to bring in
both versions and they conflict. (Keeping around old libSystem versions is
how you can still run applications built for 10.5 on 10.10/10.11.)

This doesn't happen on Linux because glibc is obsessive about maintaining
backward compatibility interfaces, so the older program links against the
current glibc and uses compatibility interfaces from it; this works even
for libraries. Apple doesn't care about backward compatibility enough to do
things that way.

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