iso-codes_3.43 not found but seems to be the default

Patty J Bragger-Wilkinson bragger_patty_j at
Wed Apr 20 11:40:07 PDT 2016

Hi everyone,
I'm new to macports, and maybe I'm missing something silly, but I've searched a bunch and can't find an answer to my problem..
I'm trying to install meld, which has a dependency on iso-codes

port is constantly trying to install version 3.43, even though this version is nowhere to be found in any of the mirrors.  I see many newer versions available, but when I try to specify a newer version to install, it keeps looking for the older 3.43

I'm running MacOS X El Capitan
MacPorts 2.3.4

Here's the command I'm trying:

$ sudo port install iso-codes @3.67
--->  Computing dependencies for iso-codes
--->  Fetching distfiles for iso-codes
--->  Attempting to fetch iso-codes_3.43.orig.tar.xz from
--->  Attempting to fetch iso-codes_3.43.orig.tar.xz from
--->  Attempting to fetch iso-codes_3.43.orig.tar.xz from

When I run with -dtv I see a 404 error code for each attempt, but I'm able to install other packages without problems, so it's not a firewall issue.  And when I browse to one of these mirrors, I do not see a 3.43 version available, so the 404's make perfect sense.

Also, when I run info on iso-codes, it shows the older vesion:
$ port info iso-codes
iso-codes @3.43 (devel)

Description:          This package aims to provide the list of the country and
                      language (and currency) names in one place, rather than
                      repeated in many programs.

Extract Dependencies: xz
Build Dependencies:   gettext
Platforms:            darwin
License:              LGPL-2.1+
Maintainers:          l2g at<mailto:l2g at>, openmaintainer at<mailto:openmaintainer at>

What am I doing wrong here?  Or is this something that I need to report to the maintainers of iso-codes?

Any help is appreciated!


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