GIMP native Quartz

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at
Tue Dec 12 18:00:49 UTC 2017

Hi Ryan,

Ryan Schmidt wrote:
> The "+no_x11" variant is a hack MacPorts used a decade or more ago, because of a deficiency of MacPorts base that would not record in the registry any variants the user had requested to disable (only those the user had requested to enable). That deficiency was fixed a long time ago, so these days portfiles would not be written so that you would have to *enable* a no_x11 variant; instead you would *disable* the x11 variant. I find no ports remaining in our collection today containing the no_x11 variant.

Thank you. The web sometimes comes up with obsolete suggestions...

> If what you really want is Quartz, then you would enable the quartz variant, which should have the effect in a well-written portfile of automatically disabling the x11 variant. Ideally, that would not pull in any X11 dependencies. Some ports have an x11 variant but do not have a quartz variant. If you want those ports to shed their X11 dependencies (and features) too, you should also disable the x11 variant. On my system, "port rdeps gimp2 +quartz -x11" shows no X11 dependencies, so maybe "sudo port install gimp2 +quartz -x11" will accomplish what you want.

Yes, that worked perfectly, as far as dependencies goes!

then, one of the dependencies (cmake) breaks builds.
Should I directly open a bug on trac or is it preferred to post and 
discuss the log here on the list?

>> Also, apple-gcc42, clang-3.4, gcc6 and gcc7 get installed! That is quite hefty!
> That's the price you pay for using an operating system so old that its latest Xcode does not contain any modern compilers. When build problems are reported to us that are determined to have been caused by using a too-old compiler, the port is updated to blacklist that too-old compiler, and MacPorts chooses the next best alternative. So you should feel assured that when MacPorts installs a compiler when you request to install another port, that compiler is required to install that port on your computer.

Yes, I do understand that, but I wondered why... 3 gccs versions? I 
suppose several ports ask for a specific version...

Anyway, luckily, for this project, I bought a new HDD for the old 
MacBook, so I have 500MB of space :)

>> Furthermore I wonder if it will build on 10.5? I would find it extremely nice.
>> And 10.4 + PPC? :)
> You will just have to try it out and see. We do not do any automated builds on 10.4, and although we do automated builds on 10.5 and later, we don't have a way to query that system to see if a particular port built on a particular OS. If a port built and is distributable, its binary will have been uploaded to so you can check there. But gimp2 is not distributable so you won't find it there even if it built successfully.

Well until it fails on 10.5, I suppose 10.4 is pointless.



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