GIMP native Quartz

Mojca Miklavec mojca at
Tue Dec 12 20:51:45 UTC 2017

On 12 December 2017 at 19:00, Riccardo Mottola via macports-users wrote:
> then, one of the dependencies (cmake) breaks builds.
> Should I directly open a bug on trac or is it preferred to post and discuss
> the log here on the list?

Usually Trac is better unless you really don't know what to do.
cmake was built successfully on the buildbot.

>>> Also, apple-gcc42, clang-3.4, gcc6 and gcc7 get installed! That is quite
>>> hefty!
>> That's the price you pay for using an operating system so old that its
>> latest Xcode does not contain any modern compilers. When build problems are
>> reported to us that are determined to have been caused by using a too-old
>> compiler, the port is updated to blacklist that too-old compiler, and
>> MacPorts chooses the next best alternative. So you should feel assured that
>> when MacPorts installs a compiler when you request to install another port,
>> that compiler is required to install that port on your computer.
> Yes, I do understand that, but I wondered why... 3 gccs versions? I suppose
> several ports ask for a specific version...

The apple-gcc42 compiler is required to bootstrap everything. The
other two, gcc6 and gcc7 might indeed come from different ports asking
for different compilers, partially for the fact that not all of them
switched to the latest version yet, partially because for a very long
time gcc7 has actually been completely broken on 10.5/ppc. One of the
gcc compilers (6 or 7) might have a chance to be removed, but
apple-gcc42 is pretty important unless we start providing
bootstrapping packages one day.

> Anyway, luckily, for this project, I bought a new HDD for the old MacBook,
> so I have 500MB of space :)

I hope you meant 500 GB?


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