James Linder jam at
Tue Feb 7 12:34:20 UTC 2017

Hi All
I did port list and nothing jumped out. I 'm looking for a mailer. 
Suggestions anyone.

Apple mail is perfect *except* it's baysen filtering is rat-wossname. I 
get pounded daily with 'Patriot Videos' and '2nd amendment' crap. I've 
reset the filters, written my own rules, banged my head.

I installed thunderbird and seamonkey which learned in a few days, I get 
no spam but junk accumulates 50 to 100 real-junk-mail per day.
Trouble is setting font and sizes is very hard to do with mozilla tools. 
Example I cannot use any plug-ins, there is no load file option on sierra.

Perchance macports has a decent mail program.

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