Inkscape 0.92.0 now available on MacPorts

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Sun Jan 8 21:59:52 CET 2017

On 1/8/17 8:07 AM, Murray Eisenberg wrote:
> Now I’m even more confused. Could somebody indicate ALL the steps to be taken, and in what order, so as to get Inkscape
> to work and yet not to disable other ports that depend on ports on which Inkscape also depends?
This may not be possible.  You cannot have ports that depend on gtk2 +quartz and gtk2 +x11 installed at the
same time and expect them all to run without problems.

Since you're having so much trouble understanding the issues involved with +quartz perhaps you should consider sticking
with +x11.  inkscape +x11 and gimp2 +x11 work fine and there is really no compelling reason to change unless you
really want to.

However, here are the steps in order.  You may have done some of them but redoing them won't hurt.

0) Ignore all other instructions you have seen then do this:

1) edit /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf changing

revupgrade_mode rebuild


revupgrade_mode report

This will suppress any automatic rebuilds if you have any conflicting ports installed.  During
the following steps, at the completion of an install, you may see a list of broken ports.  These
are ports that are conflicting at this stage.

I would uninstall them and then proceed. You can always reinstall something later if you want.
But if you're not sure, report which step you are on  and what you see and I'll try to
help you understand what it means and what to do.

2) Make sure the following dependencies are installed with both +x11 +quartz (the default):

cairo                          @1.14.8_0+quartz+x11
pango                          @1.40.3_1+quartz+x11
cairomm                        @1.10.0_3+quartz+x11
pangomm                        @2.36.0_0+quartz+x11

sudo port install cairo pango cairomm pangomm

3) Install gtk2 +quartz

sudo port install gtk2 +quartz

4) Test the gtk2 installation by running gtk-demo from the command line

It should open and display the various demos without causing XQuartz to launch

5) Install the following additional inkscape +quartz dependencies

gtkmm                          @2.24.5_1+quartz
gtkspell2                      @2.0.16_6+quartz

sudo port install gtkmm +quartz
sudo port install gtkspell2 +quartz

6) Now you should be able to remove any possibly broken inkscape installations
and (re)install inkscape +quartz

sudo port uninstall inkscape and installed
sudo port install inkscape +quartz

7) Test inkscape

Having done this successfully,
 to switch to gimp2 +quartz

7) Install the following additional +quartz dependencies

librsvg                        @2.40.16_0+quartz
libglade2                      @2.6.4_8+quartz
gegl                           @0.2.0_24+quartz
py27-pygtk                     @2.24.0_3+quartz

sudo port install librsvg +quartz
sudo port install libglade2 +quartz
sudo port install gegl +quartz
sudo port install py27-pygtk +quartz

8) Uninstall any existing gimp2 installations and install gimp2 +quartz

sudo port uninstall gimp2 and installed
sudo port install gimp2 +quartz

9) Test gimp

If at any step, something happens that you don't understand, stop and report
where you are and what you see and I'll try to help you resolve the problem.

Sorry for any communications problems to date.

Best,  Dave

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>> On 1/7/17 3:46 PM, Brandon Allbery wrote:
>>> On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 6:43 PM, David Evans <devans at
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>>>    If it's still gtk2 +x11, install gtk2 +quartz instead.  Test by running gtk-demo (provided by gtk2) and observe
>>> that it
>>>    runs (sucessfully) without XQuartz starting.
>>> Disable revupdate first (see /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf), or the automatic revupdate will probably reinstall
>>> the +x11 variant due to existing gtk-using ports being broken.
>> Good point.  I recommend this in almost all situations as the automatic rebuild is almost always the wrong thing to do
>> and hides linking problems that need to be addressed otherwise.
>> To be more explicit, change
>> revupgrade_mode rebuild
>> to
>> revupgrade_mode report
>> in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf
>> You will get the report of broken files if they exist and then you can decide if you want to rebuild or not on your own.
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