Compiling TeX Live on 10.5 (was: libatomic build failure 10.5/x86)

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Wed Apr 25 18:29:16 UTC 2018

On 2018-04-25, at 10:59 AM, Riccardo Mottola wrote:

> Hi,
> Michael Dickens wrote:
>> That said, on 10.6 Intel there's an issue with objc++ compiling, where the OBJCXXFLAGS requires "-fpermissive" to get over some untyped enum issues in some security framework. I had 'port' use the defaults for compiler & other settings, and with a small tweak to the Portfile the port builds correctly now. I'll do a PR for this fix soon-ish. Maybe this is the issue with GCC6?
> maybe, but it shouldn't spit out a "internal compiler error" but a warning/error I suppose?

That's an unexpected gcc error, I guess. Maybe they've covered it off in gcc7 or newer. If not, should be a gcc ticket.

> I'm still curious why it selects gcc6 when the port has other "preferred compilers" installed.

MacPorts has a list of preferred compilers, usually the ones already in installed on a system by Xcode.

Then there are additions to that by us, for compilers we want used next, depending on the system (gcc6 for PPC, clang-3.4 for Intel, for example). There is debate about what these should be, but we try to make smart choices. Then there are fallback compilers, that can be called in.

MacPorts makes a list of these compilers, in order. Then it looks at what compilers have been "blacklisted" in the Portfile as known not to work.

It chooses the first one on the list that is not blacklisted.

> I will try with gcc7 and clang and then in casse Mojca's suggestion.

That works! in my experience, gcc6 on PPC usually works if the defaults don't.

clang-3.x usually works on Intel if the defaults done.

For 10.5 Intel, clang-3.9 is fantastic, and can build almost anything. That's what I use when the defaults don't work. But it's a bit of work to get it installed.


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