running macports along with homebrew

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Me too. I certainly don't have any interest in turning this into another /usr/local rehash, for sure, as that is pointless.

Just recognizing what is going on out there, and trying to stay as relevant as possible in a VHS / Beta sorta way.

homebrew is easier to use, and works for 99% of people without any trouble.

MacPorts is better in most ways, but a bit harder to use, and has more of a learning curve to it.

Once you start installing _all_ software using a Portfile, I find it's way easier to use MacPorts.


On 2018-02-14, at 2:13 PM, Peter West wrote:

> One of the reasons I prefer MacPorts is that it does NOT install in /usr/local.
> I am still in the habit of thinking that /usr/local is a system directory that is expected to be inaccessible to the masses (me in this case.)  Some independent installers, like that for mysql, installed in /usr/local, and I presume the thinking is similar. 
> When Apple declared open season on /usr/local, was it because of the difficulties posed by SIP, or did it precede that?
> I’ve had some success installing brew in /opt/homebrew, despite dire warnings not to.
> Peter
>> On 15 Feb 2018, at 5:46 am, Ken Cunningham <ken.cunningham.webuse at> wrote:
>> In a recent poll <>, homebrew was recommended 375 to 25 over MacPorts.
>>> 2. symlinks into /usr/local therefore:
>>    a) no adjustments needed to path
>>    b) no need for sudo
>>    c) third-party apps, libraries, and xcode projects can be downloaded and built or run, and the system looks there by default, so need no modification to build or run. 
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