Problem opening x-window over an ssh connection

Gustavo Seabra gustavo.seabra at
Fri Feb 16 18:33:24 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I understand this may not be a real Macports problem, but I suspect someone here may know the solution. I have googled a bit about this, but the solutions I found do not really apply to that problem. Here it is:

I have 3 machines:

A: My Mac
B: A Unix machine that serves as firewall to other computers
C: The computer I want to access.

SO, If I do:

A]$ ssh -Y B
B]$ echo $DISPLAY
B]$ xmgrace

I get a nice window from xmgrace, as expected.

However, If I try to open xmgrace from C using B as a jump, I get:

A]$ ssh -Y B
B]$ echo $DISPLAY
B]$ ssh -Y C
C]$ echo $DISPLAY
C]$ xmgrace
  Can't open display
  Failed initializing GUI, exiting

I suspect there’s something ill-configured in C, but don’t know what could it be or where to look. Could someone there please help me here?

Gustavo Seabra.

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