gcc49 fails to build

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at macports.org
Thu Jun 7 11:32:42 UTC 2018

On Jun 5, 2018, at 11:42, Dave Horsfall wrote:

> Speaking of Xcode, I keep being offered to upgrade it, but it will only run on High Sierra.

I assume this upgrade offer is coming from the Mac App Store. I'm not sure why it would offer you a version of Xcode that's not compatible with your OS. It's supposed to know when something requires a newer OS, and only display it as an "incompatible update" which cannot be installed. That's what happens for me on Sierra.

> The first time I tried that, I got a message about something being incompatible with this box which I couldn't write down fast enough before it reverted to Sierra.  The next time I tried (paying more attention this time), it bombed out because a critical file was missing...

I can't really diagnose the problem based on that description. Upgrading to High Sierra will not fix the gcc49 build failure, but if you'd like to upgrade to High Sierra anyway and are having trouble, please let us know your exact computer model, and the specific error messages you're encountering.

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