Long build?

Adam Dershowitz dersh at alum.mit.edu
Tue Nov 6 04:24:45 UTC 2018

I’m upgrading dvisvgm from to 2.3.4_4 to 2.6.1_0.  I’m on a fairly recent MacBook pro, and it has been building for 13 hours!  The process is “make” and it’s taking 100% of just one CPU.  Does this sound correct?  Should I just kill it and clean the port, then retry?  Even building gcc from source doesn’t take this long.

Also, is there a way to determine which ports are available as binaries from the buildbots?  This one clearly wasn’t available as a binary this morning, because I know that macports would have found it.  I’m just using the default variant on 10.13.6.



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