Can not remove the new MacPorts Mojave package

Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Mon Nov 12 19:08:15 UTC 2018

On Nov 12, 2018, at 04:15, Dr M J Carterwrote:

>> I'm not aware of any changes in MacPorts specific to Mojave that
>> would relate to the handling of the home directory. So I think the
>> bug you're investigating is a bug in macOS or Xcode, not MacPorts.
> .... Possibly APFS? that test's pending an upcoming changearound of
> hardware.

APFS certainly has caused some weird errors already. It caused parallel builds of gcc to fail. We had a fix in place for that for 10.13, but with 10.14, some users have reported the problem resurfacing, despite the fix. 

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