ffmpeg Fails After MacPorts Migration to Catalina Version

Andrew Udvare audvare at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 23:49:43 UTC 2019

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> On Dec 13, 2019, at 18:28, Michael Newman via macports-users <macports-users at lists.macports.org> wrote:
> I’ve been using ffmpeg daily for several years to generate time lapse videos from a series of JPEGs.
> After I updated my 2017 iMac to Catalina, it still worked.
> However, after migrating MacPorts to the Catalina version, it fails:
> ./skyvideo.sh: line 38:  5438 Done                    cat $ipath
>       5439 Segmentation fault: 11  | /opt/local/bin/ffmpeg -f image2pipe -framerate 10 -vcodec mjpeg -i - -vcodec libx264 -preset veryslow -hide_banner -loglevel panic -r 10 -crf 28 -y -pix_fmt yuv420p "$vfile" >> "$log"

Is this a premade binary or built from source? If it's a binary you should try building from source.

I'm not sure MacPorts provides a binary of ffmpeg.


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