[certbot,py-acme] Converting port to subport

Bjarne D Mathiesen macintosh at mathiesen.info
Fri Sep 6 07:51:48 UTC 2019

Marius Schamschula wrote:
> Hi all,
> I’m trying to fold py-acme, certbot-apache and certbot-nginx into the
> certbot Portfile. This will simplify maintenance as they always get
> updated together, and share the same source tarball.

If I understands things correctly, then
       is a general package, that others might also use in their project
       Thus, it should be kept as a separate module
       In eg dovecot2 & dovecot2-sieve, there're notes about keeping
       these synced, so you might do something similar.
       If you do fold it into certbot, you'll have to make sure, it
       is *always* selected, and *can't* be de-selected.
   certbot-apache , certbot-nginx
       are plugins to certbot, thus it makes sense to have these as
       subports, as it doesn't make sense to have these without cerbot

> Bjarne Mathiesen has created several additional subports which will also
> be available with the next release.

Thanks for the credit :-) <3

> After adding these sub-ports to the certbot Portfile, disabling the old
> certbot-apache and certbot-nginx, and running portindex I get an error
> that the Portfile for certbot-apache cannot be found. port is still
> looking for the old Portfile in my local tree.
> Yet the old Portfile exists in macports-ports, but is also ignored.

I don't get that kind of problems with all the plugins folded into certbot

$=> port info certbot
certbot @0.38.0_1 (security)
Sub-ports:  certbot-apache, certbot-nginx, ...
Variants:   python27, (+)python37, universal

Description:          An ACME Let's Encrypt client that can obtain certs
                      and extensibly update server configurations.
Homepage:             https://github.com/certbot/certbot

Build Dependencies:   ...

$=> port info certbot-apache
certbot-apache @0.38.0_1 (security)
Variants:             python27, (+)python37, universal

Description: The Apache plugin currently supports modern OSes based on
Homepage:             https://github.com/certbot/certbot

Build Dependencies:   ...

$=> port file certbot

$=> port file certbot-apache
bjarne at Pro17 09:41:07 ~/Sites/NewStuff/spfengine

> Do I need to use the obsolete portgroup?

I do think you'll have to do this for the exiting
   certbot-apache , certbot-nginx
but you might get away with setting an early expiration date ;-)

> This counterintuitive, as the subport has the same name as the port it
> is replacing.

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