How enable ftp to localhost wordpress site?

Murray Eisenberg murrayeisenberg at
Sat Aug 1 14:36:39 UTC 2020

wordpress is asking for my ftp credentials for my web server (hostname, ftp username, and ftp password) in order to install a plug-in.

The server is just localhost.

How do I discover or set my ftp username and password with the openssh port so as to be able to use sftp with it?

(I searched for “openssh” in /opt but find nothing with that name there, so I cannot even see any config file for it!)

> On 31 Jul2020, at 10:17 PM, Daniel J. Luke <dluke at> wrote:
> I'd strongly recommend you don't use FTP.
> Use 'sftp' instead (if you've got sshd running on the server you can use sftp). Most of the graphical ftp clients support sftp also.
> For anyone out there who actually needs ftp, vsftpd is a pretty good choice (but you probably don't actually need ftp, so just use sftp instead).
>> On Jul 31, 2020, at 8:28 PM, Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at> wrote:
>> I’ve installed the MacPorts version of apache2 and have a working localhost wordpress site running under apache2.
>> How to I enable ftp with this, so that I can ftp into the wordpress site? (This is so I can install WordPress plugins.)
>> Is there some particular MacPorts port I need to add? and then what do I need to do so it’s available from within the wordpress site?
>> (WordPress docs don’t deal with this! they just say to use ftp to install the plugins.)
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