Ryan Schmidt ryandesign at
Sat Dec 5 02:57:50 UTC 2020

On Dec 4, 2020, at 16:00, James Secan wrote:

> I think a large number of us are very interested in the status of ports vis-a-vis both Apple Silicon (M1) and Big Sur.  Some sort of simple red-yellow-green status board for ports that have been checked would be very useful.

Unfortunately that information is not reliably available for now.

> Verified support for the MacPorts codes I use regularly is a major check-box on my buy-now list for a new M1 machine.  I suspect this is more easily visualized than actually produced and maintained.

Feel free to give us a list of the ports that are important to you and we can try to find out and/or schedule builds of those ports on our Apple Silicon build machine and see what happens.

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