cltversion error

Christopher Jones jonesc at
Fri Jun 12 20:06:11 UTC 2020


Please run this, and check you get something similar

 > /usr/sbin/pkgutil
volume: /
location: /
install-time: 1591989507

If you don’t, then you indeed have the issue the warning is referring to and you need to force reinstall the CLT


> On 12 Jun 2020, at 8:10 pm, Mircea Trandafir <tramir at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is the first time I’m writing to the list, so let me first thank the developers for such a great piece of software! And also a everyone on the list, I’ve been a consumer of information for the past few years and I learned quite a bit about macports and MacOS.
> The reason for my cry for help is the following: for the past couple of months, I keep getting the following message whenever I run port, particularly port reclaim during the “Building list of distfiles still in use” step:
> Warning: cltversion: For a possible fix, please see: <>
> I followed the instructions at the link, I also uninstalled and reinstalled Xcode, it keeps popping back up. I have two MacBook Pros and the same thing happens on both. Here is my setup:
> MacPro 15,2
> MacOS 10.15.5
> MacPorts base version 2.6.2 (standard location, /opt/local)
> I can confirm that the command line tools are installed in /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools and that the 10.15 SDK is present in SDKs. Is there any thing I could do to get rid of this message, which is getting quite annoying? Any ideas why it might have started in the first place?
> Thanks,
> Mircea
> -- 
> Mircea Trandafir
> Associate professor
> Department of Business and Economics, 
> University of Southern Denmark
> Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M
> Denmark
> Web: <>

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