suddenly, "-arch i386" is added and all fails: e.g. libsdl (dosbox is i386 only)

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Sat Mar 7 17:30:01 UTC 2020

> As I was one of those with in depth view on DOSBox and previously adamant on leaving it on i386:
> - the best 64bit support, meaning the fastest, is in current SVN of DOSBox. The 0.74-3 release is ok but very slow.
> - IMHO, do NOT use the fork of DOSBox for SDL2 unless that particular branch is adding *only* SDL2 stuff. Otherwise it brings many more enhancements that might clash eventually with the goals of DOSBox itself.

Seems you know a lot, and I know little, about the inner workings.

Want to collaborate? I can do  the MacPorts things easily.

Or just take it over?

Here are the issues I saw:

1. we need a 64bit build
2. when I last tried the 64 bit build on Mojave, it was unusable due to the white screen for SDL, ergo the SDL2 version

Please advise on optimal plan!


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