Can I make the port of Inkscape the default app for SVG files?

K Hindall kkh2 at
Mon Mar 9 22:42:22 UTC 2020

I finally got Inkscape 0.92.4 running.

But if I double-click on any of the files that I made in 0.92.2, they
open in my web browser, not Inkscape.

I've tried the usual path to correct this on a Mac running macOS
10.13.6, which is to go into the "Info" screen for the document and
select the application under "Open with ..." Unfortunately it doesn't
recognize /opt/local/bin/inkscape as an application, so I can't select
it. I tried making it, which does open X11 rather than my
browser, but then I have to start Inkscape within there. (I've got it as
an application in the Applications menu.) And then I have to open the
SVG file from within there.

Is there any way to set things so that if I double-click on my SVG
files, they launch Inkscape and open up within it?

Thank you!


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