macports-users Digest, Vol 163, Issue 12

Pieter van Oostrum pieter-l at
Tue Mar 17 16:17:37 UTC 2020

Murray Eisenberg <murrayeisenberg at> writes:

> I did that: used mode 755 for directories, mode 644 for files there. 
> Still, same error Unable to execute port: Could not open file: /Users/murray/macports/myports/kde/
> okular/Portfile
> Did you get this to work with your own version of a port already included in MacPorts?

Yes, I do this regularly. Never had a problem.
My working mode is: I have a clone of the git repository, but for the ports I am working on, I make a copy of the Portfile and other relevant files in a shadow directory, but only for those ports.

But 'could not open file' sounds like a protection issue.
What happens when you execute the shell command?

sudo cat /Users/murray/macports/myports/kde/okular/Portfile

By the way, another way is to go to the directory

and execute the command 'sudo port install' (i.e. without port name). It should install the port in that directory.
Pieter van Oostrum
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