installing patched okular: cannot open Portfile

Christopher Jones jonesc at
Tue Mar 17 18:37:55 UTC 2020

> On 17 Mar 2020, at 6:11 pm, Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign at> wrote:
> On Mar 16, 2020, at 14:53, Ken Cunningham wrote:
>> It is a permissions error. Although Chris and others seem to make this work, it has never worked for me to put a macports repo in my home folder. I don’t know why, and I gave up trying to fix it.
>> Just put it in /Users/Shared/MacPorts or, what I do, is put them all in /opt (but then you have to be careful with sudo, which I always am).
> As far as I remember, this is the correct answer. The macports user (and any user other than you) cannot read the contents of your home directory. So your options are to either put the new ports tree outside of your home directory, or else modify the permissions of your home directory to allow other users to read its contents. The latter may be fine if you are the only user of your computer but is not recommended if you share your computer with other users who have their own accounts.

Its not necessary to give other users read access to your entire home area.

You just need to create a directory, give that read access, and then clone the git ports tree into that. Allowing other users to read *only* the ports git tree does not seem to me a security issue.

In fact, at least on my 10.15 machine I don’t need to give the new directory any new permissions, the defaults are exactly what I posted in my other mail. e.g.

Oberon ~ > mkdir ~/MPTest
Oberon ~ > ls -l
drwxr-xr-x   2 chris  staff    64 17 Mar 18:36 MPTest

This tallies with what I recall setting up numerous MP installations in this way, as I do not recall ever having to set permissions of these sub-dirs to make it work. 

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