gcc7 not compiling on PPC due to mismatch

Riccardo Mottola riccardo.mottola at libero.it
Sat Mar 28 11:07:52 UTC 2020


Ken Cunningham wrote:
> BTW, I am happy to make a binary available for you, if you need that.
> I am considering putting up an entire archive site for Tiger PPC and 
> Intel, and Leopard PPC and Intel, but I haven’t decided whether I want 
> to take on the issues involved.

actually, I was able to compile gcc7 these past two days.

It is gcc6 that was failing, I did not have gcc7 installed.
I will not "retry" rebuild gcc6... and in case drop it and see if we can 
do everything without.

I like gcc 6.5 because it is the "most modern" compiler that still eats 
some not-so-new code. E.g. you can compile Arctic Fox with up to gcc 
6.5, but not with anything newer (at least on Linux, no tests on Mac yet).

I will update some core parts like gnutls, openssl etc by manually 
picking them.

Now that libgcc7 and gcc7 installed, I will retry running the upgrade 
gcc 6.5 this night.

Takes some time... even if this PowerMac is "maxed out" with 2GB of RAM 
and 2x 1Ghz G4 (yay! running again at 1Ghz, I replaced the single 1GHz 
CPU with a dual module, but it did run at 800Mhz, now I tweaked the 
Motherboard to have it run full speed!)


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