Fixed! Was Re: Weird GNUPLOT problem (but *not* just Gnuplot)

Dave Horsfall dave at
Sun Sep 27 21:06:30 UTC 2020

Well well; I noticed that my MacBook had been up for 44 days, and so I 
decided to apply the Universal Microsoft Solution (tm) and now everything 
is working!  Call me an unrealistic perfectionist, but I think that 
machines should not need to be rebooted unless absolutely necessary e.g. 
hardware issues or OS upgrades etc.  I once wrote a large application that 
was heavy on malloc()/free(), and it passed every test that I could throw 
at it.

Heck, I once had my FreeBSD server up for a year, until I had a power 
failure :-(  And I don't switch off my boxes (unless I have to) because 
switching them on again is when they're most likely to fail in my 
experience (~50 years); think of stressed power supplies etc (I even lost 
a SIMM on my server after I had to switch it off for a hardware upgrade).

Apologies for impugning MacPorts, but it sure looked that way since it 
happened immediately after my weekly software update ("port selfupdate" 

-- Dave

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