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Hi Jim,

According to a recent posting to this list, it may be possible to use the Xcode 13.1 command line tools (CLT) on Big Sur 11.6.1: <>

I am still using Xcode 12, so I cannot confirm whether this works.

Re your other question - in older versions of MacOSX it was possible to ignore App Store updates by right clicking on them and selecting “Hide Update”, but this seems to no longer work on Big Sur. 

From Catalina 10.15.6 (and Mojave / High Sierra Security Update 2020-004) onwards, it appears that a Mac must be in a "Apple School Manager, Apple Business Manager, or a user-approved MDM” to hide Major new releases of macOS. (See <>), so unfortunately it isn’t easy to hide the Monterey update.



> On Nov 18, 2021, at 11:15, James Secan <james.secan at> wrote:
> I’m moving to a Big Sur system, and since I don’t use Xcode for anything I manually download and install the CLI tools by themsleves.  I installed v12.5.1 as per the info on the MacPorts wiki ( about which Xcode goes with which macOS.  Now the softwareupdater is nagging me to update to v13.0 (along with the already annoying nag to update to Monterey).
> I am assuming that this upgrade to CLI toolkit v13.0 is not a good idea until I move up to Monterey.  Is this correct?  If so, is there some way to may the softwareupdater stop the nagging?
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