ffmpeg unexpectedly uninstalled

Christopher Jones jonesc at hep.phy.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jan 4 08:52:21 UTC 2022

As others have already commented, the best way to perform regular clean up on your installation is to just run

> sudo port reclaim

that does a number of tasks, all designed to clean up your installation.

Personally, I also occasionally run

> port list requested

to see the list of ports I have actively *requested* to be installed. This excludes ports just installed as dependencies of others. 

If there are any in that list I do not really want any longer, I then run

> sudo port setunrequested <port list>

on them. port reclaim will then remove these ports, if they are not required as a dep of some other one.


> On 4 Jan 2022, at 8:24 am, Mick <MickBert at posteo.net> wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 04, 2022 at 08:56:43AM +0700, Michael Newman via macports-users wrote:
>> I'm using the -f option because I copied it from some recommendation I read somewhere. I'm not smart enough to figure things like this out myself so I usually rely on what I find by searching. For years I just ran:
>> sudo port selfupdate
>> sudo port upgrade outdated
>> But then I read somewhere that to remove unneeded junk I should also run:
>> sudo port -f clean --all all
>> sudo port -f uninstall inactive
>> sudo port uninstall leaves
> What I usually do, is:
>  sudo port selfupdate
>  sudo port -u upgrade outdated
> I read quite recently in the port documentation (man port) about the 
> usage of that "-u" option, which does exactly what you want, that is 
> removing inactive ports.
> I'm not an expert; I just read every now and than chunk of the manual,
> so any comment from people with more knowelge/experience is wellcome,
> even just a confirmation.
> --
> Mick

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