Mojave and Macports

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Thu Jan 13 21:26:01 UTC 2022


I've been using macports as my goto unix environment on my laptop for 
the better part of two years and I've grown to love it. I used to use 
homebrew, but moved over to macports due to some issues with how 
homebrew handles prior versions of mac.

I'm using Mojave on my 2012 MacBook Pro 15" because I like two, yup two, 
of my 32 bit apps and I absolutely refuse to move up to whatever the 
latest is for my hardware (maybe Catalina) because of that and a beef I 
have with APFS and time machine snapshots and phonehomeitis, and etc. ad 
nauseum. That said, I'm even more attached to my functioning unix 
environment than I am to any of that, so, if push came to shove, and I 
had to move to something slightly more current to allow my environment 
to keep tooling along, I probably would. Right now, I just backup 
/usr/local and figure if I had to restore, I could probably limp along 
with the unix tools, I've got installed already.

My question for y'all goes like this - How long will macports continue 
to "work" on Mojave? By work, I mean that everything seems to be working 
fine for pretty much anything I sudo port install and sudo port 
selfupdate still works, and sudo port upgrade outdated's still good. 
What's the vibe on this continuing? I don't really relish the idea of 
getting caught off guard when some zealous young developer decides that 
Mojave is quaint and oh so out of style, let's just kill it from our 
servers, everybody who's anybody is running Monterey on M1 these days.

Oh and if you're a developer/maintainer/admin of the repos reading this 
thread - Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you have some idea of 
how important your work is to people you have probably never heard from. 
I use your work daily!


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