update and gimp

James jam at tigger.ws
Thu Oct 6 12:30:59 UTC 2022

I installed Gimp, but had no joy with 'open with ...'
Ryan explained how the system worked.
Eventually I un-installed the macports version, installed Gimp's dmg and for ages everything 'just worked'

I'm a believer in 'if it aint broke, don't fix it'. Time passed and all was well.
Eventually I was persuaded to selfupdate and update outdated.

My gimp dmg was removed !! the macports version was re-installed !! together with the broken 'open with ...' behavior.

Can anyone tell me what I must have done to achive this, certainly nothing deliberate.

A comment for Ricardo, I spend 1/2 my day working at NOT the keyboard/console of TheMachineImWorkingOn so X11 is important. Remote Desktop is plain horrid, nomachine is better but straight X11 is by far the nicest.


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