Error with 'port -vst install'

Clemens Lang cal at
Sat Oct 8 10:33:43 UTC 2022


On Fri, Oct 07, 2022 at 09:16:50PM +0200, Pieter van Oostrum wrote:
> Although your suggestion solved the problem for me, I have another
> followup.
> I found this ticket, which describes the same problem:
> It is six years old and it is
> marked as fixed, but now it seems to have cropped up again. Some kind
> of regression, maybe?

Thanks for checking, but I can't see a regression here. The MacPorts
port still has destroot.keepdirs set for this directory, and I confirmed
that the MacPorts 2.7.2 package for Monterey contains the directory with
the expected permissions.

I'm not sure why they were not correct on your system, but it doesn't
seem to be caused by something that's very common.


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