missing pre-compiled packages

Joshua Root jmr at macports.org
Sun Sep 18 11:54:11 UTC 2022

Chris Jones wrote:

> Binaries aren’t available if the licenses of the port, and its dependencies, do not allow it.
> To check if this is the case you should refer to the build logs which you can find from the ports site. E.g.
> https://ports.macports.org/port/git
> Then check the builds tab. Pick one, and then check the gather archives log
> https://build.macports.org/builders/ports-12_arm64-builder/builds/61881/steps/gather-archives/logs/stdio
> "git" is not distributable because its license "GPL-2" conflicts with license "GPL-3+" of dependency "gdbm"

That works if the logs are still available, but they get deleted after a 
while. The script that is used on the buildbot is available here: 

So you can check that out and run it locally as well. The script to 
execute is port_binary_distributable.tcl, which also requires 
distributable_lib.tcl to be present.

- Josh

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