GIMP Quartz broken on 10.7, perhaps gtk

Ken Cunningham ken.cunningham.webuse at
Tue Jan 17 07:33:36 UTC 2023

So here’s a very simple reproducer: <>

I’m sure you know, but you build it on 10.7, for example, like this:

clang -g -O0  -o test `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-3.0` hello-world.c

then you can run it, or load it into lldb (even on 10.7, works OK) and start debugging it.

If you want to also add debugging to gtk3, you would rebuild gtk3 with some modifications to the portfile to make debugging better, and “keep” the source code for tracing. Something like this in the gtk3 portfile would do it:

$ diff -u gnome/gtk3/Portfile `port file gtk3`
--- gnome/gtk3/Portfile	2022-09-10 15:42:40.000000000 -0700
+++ /opt/local/var/macports/sources/	2023-01-16 21:36:02.000000000 -0800
@@ -63,6 +63,10 @@
 use_autoreconf      yes
 autoreconf.args     -fvi
+configure.optflags-delete -Os -O0 -O1 -O2 -O3
+configure.optflags-append -g -O0
 # gtk3 +quartz uses instancetype which is not available
 # before approximately Xcode 4.6 (#49391)
 # if building +x11 blacklist comilers that do not support C11
@@ -111,6 +115,8 @@
                     --disable-schemas-compile \
+configure.args-append --enable-debug=yes
 build.args-append   V=1 \

and then to rebuild gtk3 with all the debugging and source left behind, you would do this, perhaps:

sudo port -f uninstall gtk3

(select the quartz variant to uninstall)

sudo port -v -s -k install gtk3 +quartz

and you’d then have a heavily debug-enabled gtk3 with all the source left behind, so you could step through the code with lldb and view the frame variables and hopefully steer you in the right direction.

My guess is the error is occurring somewhere in the pango/cairo/harfbuzz trio , so you might want to rebuild all those ports with full debugging enabled and with the source code left behind too, so you can trace those through as well.

Of course, upstream would be helpful. However, to ask them for help, we’d have to first upgrade/update our gtk3 port and make sure the error still happens (likely will). Also, have to survey all the patches macports adds to gtk3/glib2/pango/cairo/harfbuzz and make sure they are all defendable to upstream.

It’s not easy. I did some of this tonight, and I stepped through the code to see where the out of memory errors were originating, at least. They are originating, it seems to me, in the widget redraw code of gtk3, in the part that pertains to cairo I thought. But that is as far as I got.

As mentioned, the x11 version works nicely still, so the error is somewhere in the quartz backend, NS* code, etc, and to be honest, that stuff is hard to debug. The gtk3 interactive debugger unfortunately won’t open when gtk3 is built with the quartz backend (on 10.7 at least), so that is unfortunate.


> On Jan 12, 2023, at 5:12 AM, Ken Cunningham <ken.cunningham.webuse at> wrote:
> My guess would be to look at harfbuzz…make sure our patches there still make sense, run the test suite. It can be touchy, different compilers can change test results, etc.
> To disable one port in an overlay with minimal fuss, rename to Portfile to something else (I use Portfile.disabled), and portindex ignores it.
> K
>> On Jan 12, 2023, at 01:42, Riccardo Mottola <riccardo.mottola at> wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I did further tests here.
>> In my local repository I pinned also a previous version of pango and pang-devel, but had difficulties "upgarding" to a previous version, how can it be done cleanly?
>> Then I thought of just activating some previous versions… I had a bit mess here and there when rev-upgrade , so I also set back librsvg.
>> The following ports are currently installed:
>> pango @1.42.4_3+quartz+x11 (active)
>> pango @1.50.7_0+quartz+x11
>> The following ports are currently installed:
>> harfbuzz @2.8.2_0
>> harfbuzz @3.4.0_0 (active)
>> harfbuzz @5.2.0_0
>> harfbuzz @5.3.1_0
>> The following ports are currently installed:
>> librsvg @2.40.20_4+quartz (active)
>> librsvg @2.54.5_0
>> I don't remember if I had to touch other stuff… how can I now? Is port installed enough?
>> port list outdated
>> Warning: The 'list' action only shows the currently available version of each port. To see installed versions, use the 'installed' action.
>> emacs-app                      @28.2           editors/emacs
>> librsvg                        @2.54.5         graphics/librsvg
>> pango                          @1.50.3         x11/pango
>> pango                          @1.50.7         x11/pango
>> emacs-app cannot be upgraded. harfbuzz here is not shown… So I don't think it is perfect.
>> Anyway… I would think that the issue is between pango, harfbuzz and librsvg! Since then recompiling current gimp… has a perfectly working gimp! yay! 
>> Riccardo
>> PS: suppose if I have pango and harfbuzz in my local port tree. I want to test with current harfbuzz. How can I "hide" it, but keeping the rest of the local port? Rename the directory? put a command in the portfile… or move the port directory away to be in case put in back.
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