Vim on Leopard (each OS < 10.6)

Eckard Brauer hangglider at
Sat Mar 4 13:17:09 UTC 2023

> My understanding is that the SDK is what allows an application to use
> and link against system features, i.e. it contains header files, etc.

So far you're correct and it's my fault to try that.

The idea what mislead me there was, I expected the port to take some
functionality (means libraries, as explained below) from Xcode for Lion
and import that and the header files describing the API for that
functionality. However, that seems not to work.

Locking Vim-9.* from being tried to install on OSX < 10.6 would be nice
in that case, at least to avoid misunderstandings.

> It does not contain the libraries themselves. Installing the
> MacOS10.6sdk on 10.5 would allow to build an app targeted at Mac OS X
> 10.6, on a Mac OS X 10.5 machine. But that won't bring 10.6 features
> to the 10.5 machine. Years ago when I used to write programs for
> Classic Mac OS, the common practise was to do "weak linking" and
> check at runtime if a particular symbol was available. I don't know
> if this is still a thing. This is the only case that I can think of
> where just installing the 10.6 SDK might be useful.
>  [...]
> So what needs figuring out is what is Grand Central Dispatch used
> for, and can it be disabled ? Then you would need to build for 10.5
> with the Grand Central Dispatch features disabled. Since Grand
> Central Dispatch is Apple tech, and vim works on a variety of
> systems, it would be highly surprising that this is an actual
> requirement.

Fully agree.

I'm not that familiar with MacOSX beside that I have some (mostly
forgotten) backgroung with MacOS <= 7.5 and even less from
Next/OpenSTEP, but some better with C(++) and even had some look onto
ObjectiveC. So it's a maybe good challenge for spare time (otherwise
I'd have to watch TV, and that's not really fun at all).

Anyway, thanks for making things clear!

Best regards,

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